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Art Gallery Salotto Dell'Arte

Tèchne – Personification Of Art, Technique And Ability Of Making

Tèchne is the title of the new art exhibition at the Salotto dell’Arte Art Gallery in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Tèchne. An ancient greek word that signifies art as a the ability of making not only physical things but also being good at intellectual disciplines. Also Téchne is the greek goddess personified spirit of art, craft and technical skill.


Urban Regeneration

gARTbage – Art Competition In Sassari

gARTbage is an annual project of urban regeneration and an itinerant art competition that took place Saturday 23rt September, 2017 in Sassari, Italy. During the live painting 23 artists embellished and decorated trash bins using paints, sprays and another kinds of materials.


Contemporary Art Irgoli

Irgoli Art Competition 2017 – Contemporary Art In Sardinia

Irgoli Art Competition launches the contemporary art exhibition of the selected artworks for the 2017 edition. It starts on 8th July from 19 pm at the Civico 27 gallery in Via Carmine Soro, Irgoli, Sardinia.